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The Club

About Us

The Riverside Club, a swim tennis club founded in 1966, is a member-owned, non-profit corporation. The club is located on a beautiful wooded property on Riverside Drive, just outside the perimeter in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
Our facilities include an olympic style swimming pool, 6 lighted tennis courts, a covered picnic area and kitchen, a playground, a playing field, and locker rooms.

The club is pleased to provide a variety of services to members, including tennis and swimming instruction for children and adults. The club also hosts a variety of recreational and social events throughout the year, including an annual club tennis tournament, tennis mixers, a pool opening party, spring egg hunt, and other exciting events the family can enjoy!

We are especially proud of the many fine swimmers and tennis players the club has produced over the years, thanks to a top-notch competitive swim team program and one of the finest junior tennis programs in Georgia.

The Riverside Club is governed by a Board of Directors, who are elected annually. By-laws and rules governing conduct while at the club, ensure a pleasant and safe atmosphere for members and guests. The staff consists of a full-time Director of Tennis and 2 full-time tennis pros. In addition, during the swimming season, the club engages swim team coaches and a full-time lifeguard staff for the pool.

The Club

The Riverside Club, a swim tennis club founded in 1966, is a member-owned, non-profit corporation.


The Riverside Club pool provides members with outdoor swimming at its best.


The Riverside Club offers year round tennis opportunities for all age groups and skill levels. Tennis Court Reservations

Social Events

The Riverside’s Social Calendar is full of fun events for a diverse membership of tennis players, swimmers and party lovers. Pavilion Rental Form