Tennis Rules

General Court Rules and Regulations

  1. Play on courts is restricted to members and their guests, subject to all Guest Policies (See Guest Policies above and Guest Restrictions in the Club By-Laws), and NATA players with pros.
  2. Tennis courts are open daily weather permitting except when under repair or when reserved for activities conducted by The Riverside Club.
  3. Proper attire, including shirts, must be worn at all times. Tennis shoes with proper soles (no hard rubber or black-soled shoes) are required and no bare feet are allowed.
  4. Courts are reserved for tennis only. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, lacrosse or any other activities are not permitted.
  5. No profanity or loud shouting will be permitted. Be considerate of our residential neighbors and other people on the club site.
  6. Please help to keep court areas in order. Return maintenance equipment to their proper locations. Use Tidy-Court containers, and put empty drink cans and containers in trash and recycle bins.
  7. Please turn off lights and fans at end of evening play if no further play is scheduled. Anyone who fails to comply with the tennis rules or instructions of the tennis attendant or other Riverside Club Board members (acting in his or her capacity as a Board member) will be asked to leave, or may face additional disciplinary action at the discretion of the Board.


  1. Court Reservations must be made by going to the Riverside website at and clicking “Tennis Court Reservations.” To make a reservation, click “sign-in” on the top right of the screen and enter the password – tennis. Please list the names of all Riverside members who will be using the reserved court.
  2. All players must sign up for a court (make a reservation) prior to play. Anyone playing on a court without a reservation may be removed from the court at any time by someone else who has made a reservation for that time.
  3. Courts are reserved on a first-come, first served basis, subject to limitations and priorities specified in these Rules. All registered players must be ready to play at the assigned hour. Failure for registered players to appear within 15 minutes of their assigned time of play will result in forfeiture of the court.
  4. Reservations may be made 1 week in advance and court times are allotted in half-hour increments. No “standing reservations” for private play are permitted except as specified in these Rules. Please cancel reservation if it is no longer needed.
  5. A maximum of 2.5 hours of consecutive play may be reserved for doubles, 1.5 hour for singles. At the end of the period, players may continue play so long as there is no other conflicting reservation.
  6. All permanent and standing Clinics, Lessons, ALTA and USTA Matches and Practices, and Drop-Ins Reservations must be signed up for in advance and shown on the Reservation Sheet on the Riverside Web site. Reservations are needed for all other League matches and practices, as well.
  7. Children under sixteen (16) may not make reservations. However, in the case of match play for ALTA, USTA, or other League/Tournament matches, courts can be reserved in a parent’s name.

Clay Court Care (Required for all Players!)

  1. Sweep and brush the lines after each playing session.
  2. Use the Tidi-Shoe cleaner (two-step and brush) located at Court 1 after play to remove excess clay from shoes.
  3. The Aussie Sweep (large broom) is to be used to sweep the courts when there are leaves or excess debris on the courts.
  4. Do not use towels to try to remove water on the clay courts. Doing this will make the court more slippery.
  5. Clay Court balls and All Court balls are highly recommended for play on clay courts.
  6. When making the transition from clay courts to hard courts please remember to clean shoes before stepping on the hard courts otherwise the clay under shoes will scratch and damage the hard courts.

Court Use

In addition to (or in lieu of) the priorities set forth in these Rules, the Board may from time to time establish priorities for other regularly occurring tennis events as necessary.

Clay Courts 1 & 2

  1. These courts will be used as necessary for ALTA and USTA matches. The Tennis Director will assign courts on a rotating basis when more than one team is at home. Two courts per team are allowed unless more courts are free at time of play.
  2. Other than ALTA and USTA matches, priority will be given to Saturday Morning Men’s Drop-In from 9:00-11:00 AM, Thursday Men’s Drop-in from 5:30-9:30 PM (including courts 3 & 4 from 6:30-9:30 PM), Women’s ALTA/USTA Team Drills (as scheduled by the Tennis Director), and Mixed Doubles on Sunday Afternoons from 2:00-4:00 PM (3:00-5:00 PM in the summer).
  3. Members eighteen (18) year old and over will have priority on these courts.
  4. These courts may also be used for practices and other league matches during the week. Pros may use these courts if available for lessons and clinics.
  5. Clay courts may not be used for junior ALTA/USTA matches except upon written authorization and scheduling by the Tennis Director.

Hard Courts 3 & 4

These courts will be used as necessary for ALTA and USTA matches (two courts per team unless more courts are free at time of play). These courts may be reserved as an additional court for ALTA and USTA matches, with priority over play by the general membership, at the discretion of the Tennis Director.

Hard Courts 5 & 6

  1. These courts will be available to the Club Pros for lessons and clinics. The Pros may sign up for other courts if they are available.
  2. These are the preferred courts for use by junior ALTA / USTA matches and should be used for such matches if available.
  3. Otherwise, these courts can be reserved and used on a first come-first-play basis by all members.

Adult Tennis Teams

Composition of ALTA and USTA Team Rosters

  1. The goal in providing team play at the Riverside Club is to allow every interested member the opportunity to play league tennis. The Tennis Chair (and the Board of Directors, if necessary) may recommend the addition or movement of players among any Riverside teams in order to further this goal within the limits of our existing tennis facilities. All teams using The Riverside Club as their home courts must be approved by the Board.
  2. Rosters may have a maximum of 30 players, and all players must be members in good standing.
  3. Due to increased demand on Club facilities, beginning on November 1, 2014, no roster may contain any non-members. Teams are encouraged to work with other Riverside teams to balance rosters appropriately in terms of numbers and competitive level. In extreme cases of being unable to fill a roster, Captains may seek a waiver of this rule from the Board. No non-member may be placed on a roster without express prior permission from the Board. Maintaining a current competitive level in ALTA or USTA through the use of non-members is not considered an extreme case requiring a waiver of this rule.

Captain’s Duties for ALTA and USTA

  1. Captains must submit rosters to the Riverside Tennis Chair for approval 14 days prior to submitting their rosters to ALTA or USTA.
  2. Captains should work to ensure that every player on the roster is given the opportunity for match play.
  3. Captains should work with other Riverside Captains to ensure that teams remain appropriately balanced with regard to number and competitive level.

Flex League Play

  1. Only teams comprised entirely of Riverside members may register The Riverside Club as their “home” court /facility for T2, Ultimate Tennis, KSwiss, or any other flex league play.
  2. Reservations for courts to be used for flex league matches may be made on the same basis as any other members’ reservations, including the identification of all Riverside members who will be playing. Players may not make reservations for flex league matches during the same times as Team League play, namely ALTA and USTA.

The Club

The Riverside Club, a swim tennis club founded in 1966, is a member-owned, non-profit corporation.


The Riverside Club pool provides members with outdoor swimming at its best.


The Riverside Club offers year round tennis opportunities for all age groups and skill levels.

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