Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a member of the Riverside Club? Contact to get more information. Include your name and address in your communication, and someone will contact you with an application form and detailed information on becoming a member.

What is the difference between a resident and non-resident member? A resident member lives within the boundary of homes that was established when the club was founded in 1966. If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to know whether you are within the resident boundaries, contact and include your name and address in your communication.

How many memberships are available? The club currently allows 280 memberships. The large majority of these are resident memberships. Each year, based on current resident memberships, the Board decides whether to add any non-resident memberships. If so, we will offer membership to individuals on the non-resident Waiting List in the order they were added until we have filled the non-resident openings.

I was on the membership waiting list last year, do I need to re-register? No. However, if your contact information changes at any time or if you would like to be removed from the list, please be sure to notify us at

If I am a member of the Riverside Homeowners’ Association, am I also a member of the Riverside Club? No. These are two distinct organizations. The Riverside Homeowners Association provides important services such as maintaining a direct relationship with County and local community organizations, monitoring and participating in traffic and road projects affecting our neighborhood, monitoring zoning issues, working with neighbors and the County on security matters, maintaining (with neighborhood volunteers) neighborhood islands and entrances, and providing two to three neighborhood-wide social events each year. For more information on joining the Riverside Homeowners Association email:


How do I find out about upcoming Club events? Club events are publicized in a variety of ways including: on the Riverside Club Calendar on this Web Site and via email to all members on the club email list. If you are a member, go to mailing list to sign up for the email list.

Are all events open to all members? Yes. All club sponsored events are open to all members and will be publicized as described above. Members can schedule private parties at the facilities which are not open to all members (see below).

Can I have a private party at the Riverside Club? Yes. You will need to complete a party application and pay a small fee depending on the size of the party. Contact or download the party application.

Who cleans up after a private party? The individual signing up for a party is fully responsible for clean up after the event. All trash must be dumped in the dumpsters. Failure to clean up after a party may result in the deposit not being refunded.


Are there rules for using the Riverside pool? Yes. For your safety and the safety of others, please read the official pool rules thoroughly.

Are the lifeguards certified? Yes. Sweetwater Pool Service provides Riverside’s lifeguard staff. Every lifeguard is certified through the Red Cross and/or YMCA in lifeguard training, first aid, and CPR for infants, children, and adults.

Does the club offer swimming lessons? Yes. Children can get coaching by joining the Riverside Swim Team. In addition, our swim coaches offer lessons to all ages and skill levels.

Can my child attend the pool without an adult? Any children under the age of nine must be accompanied by a person 14 years of age or older. Please see pool rules for more information.

When does the pool open and close each year? Typically the pool opens late May or early June and closes in September. Check the Riverside Calendar for the specific dates each year.

How do I join the swim team at the Riverside Club? Contact to get information on joining the Streaks!


Can I play tennis on a league if I am a member of the club? Yes. The club currently has a variety of ALTA teams in various leagues and at various levels. Contact to get more information on the teams available and find a team that is just right for you!

Can anyone play in the Club Tournament and Tennis Mixers? Yes. Any club member can play in our tournaments and mixers and attend drills. All ages and levels are welcome from beginning to advanced. Some of our tennis events have a nominal fee associated to cover the cost of food, beverages, tennis balls and staffing.

Does the club offer tennis lessons? Yes. All of our pros are USPTA certified and provide lessons and drills to all ages and skill levels. Contact, or download our tennis lessons brochure.

What other tennis services are available? Our tennis staff offers lessons and drills for all ages and skill levels, an exciting junior program and summer camp, racquet stringing, ball machine rental, and in addition, they organize an annual club tournament and multiple tennis mixers each year. Contact for more information.

How do I enroll my kids in the Junior tennis program? Visit the Junior pages of our Web Site to find out more or send an email to

How do I make court reservations? Court sign-up sheets are posted outside of the Tennis Pro’s office at the Riverside Club. Please see our tennis rules for more detailed information on court usage.


Can I bring a guest to the Riverside Club? Please see our tennis rules and pool rules for specific policies on bringing guests to the club.

What are the duties of the Board of Directors, and how do I become a member of the board? The Riverside Board makes decisions on behalf of the Riverside Club. The membership, authority, and limitations of this group are specified in the club by-laws which are available in the members only section of our Web Site.

How can I contact a Board Member to ask a question? You can visit the Riverside Board page to get a full list of contact information for board members.

How can I volunteer to help out around the club? The club has an organized work day annually that is held in May. To get more information, contact or visit the Riverside Calendar. If you would like to volunteer to help with a social event, such as our Pool Opening Party, contact We also expect all of our members to help us keep the club clean by cleaning up after themselves and their guests and by taking the initiative to empty a trashcan or pick-up trash left by others if they see it.

Who cleans up around the club? The club depends on its members to keep the club clean, especially on weekends. We fully expect members to clean up after themselves and guests at the courts, pool and around the club.

How do I get on the Riverside email list? To get your name on the general mailing list, go to mailing list and sign up. This list is used for announcements of upcoming events and other communicate other member information.

How do I get access to the members only area of the Web Site? Send a request to and you will be given a login and password for the members only area after your membership has been verified.

How can I get pictures put in the photo galleries? Send a request to Your photos will need to be in .jpeg format and saved to a CD or sent via email.

The Club

The Riverside Club, a swim tennis club founded in 1966, is a member-owned, non-profit corporation.


The Riverside Club pool provides members with outdoor swimming at its best.


The Riverside Club offers year round tennis opportunities for all age groups and skill levels. Tennis Court Reservations

Social Events

The Riverside's Social Calendar is full of fun events for a diverse membership of tennis players, swimmers and party lovers. Pavilion Rental Form